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Chicago Concert
From: Vanessa Thomas

Hi all!
I've been meaning to send you all my little review of the concert last Saturday (Aug. 12) for a few days now, but just haven't had the time! But some others have been mentioning it so I thought I'd better add my thoughts before the list shuts down for the weekend.

First of all, I did not decide to go until the Wednesday before so I did not have the most wonderful seats. This prevented me from having a very good view of the guys (I unfortunately had to rely on the screens a lot of the time) and it made me somewhat sad when Jon dedicated Something for the Pain for those in the front because I knew that's where I belonged! Also, I felt quite out-of-place because it seemed that I was the ONLY person in that area of the audience who could recognize the tune within the first few seconds of each song, who knew every word and who danced to every song. It was quite clear to me that a large section of the audience was quite unresponsive... especially to the songs off of These Days (except TAALS, of course). (In fact, the woman to the right of me even said to me before the show that she did not like the new stuff, but was there because she's a fan of the older stuff.) I was thrilled with each new song that they did (six in all!!!) but it also saddened me that the boys were not getting the kind of response their efforts deserved. It appalled me to see people actually sitting down (something I thought NEVER happened at a BJ show)! *I* personally had the time of my life and the band blew me away as they have always done at each show I've seen, but I also could not help but notice what others have apparently noticed... their heart did not seem to be entirely in it. I figured perhaps it had to do with the poor audience response and maybe the swealtering humidity, but there seems to be a trend from what I've read in some of the other reviews. I only wish I knew what was behind it, though.

But either way, the magic was not entirely lost and I've had a HUGE smile on my face all week. I even had to go through somewhat of an adventure (which involved me walking 10 miles under the stars for one thing) in order to attend the show and get home again, but all I can say is that I can only Blame It On the Love of Rock 'N' Roll and I would not have done it for any band except Bon Jovi! :)

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in seeing the set list as well. This is definately not the correct order (but I think it's close) and after five days my memory has blurred just a bit, so for those of you who were there, if I leave anything out, please let us know.

Keep On Rockin' in the Free World
Hey God
Livin' On a Prayer
Lay Your Hands On Me
Something For the Pain
Blood On Blood
Blood Money
Blaze of Glory
Keep the Faith
You Give Love a Bad Name
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (with Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey* and Jumpin' Jack Flash)
Bad Medecine (with Shout!)
Wanted Dead or Alive
This Ain't A Love Song
These Days
Lie To Me
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
With a Little Help From My Friends

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