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Denver Concert

I just saw the concert in Denver, Colorado (8-18) and I'm here to tell you that it was the best Bon Jovi concert I have ever seen. I have seen over 20 Bon Jovi concerts through the years, and this one rocked!!

There was a downpour of rain for the first half of the show, but that seemed to bring out the best in the band. Bon Jovi once said that he likes "singing in the rain, because it's like singing in the shower and everybody sounds good in the shower!"

Steve Vai took the stage 45 minutes late (8:15), waiting for the storm to pass. It didn't. So he had fun in the rain with his set, then they reset for the Boys. They took the stage at 9:30.

I'm writing this, to let everybody know that none of the problems that have been reported the past few weeks about the concert were evident tonight. Jon was happy with everything (He smiled a lot), he talked up the audience. He said "If you're going to sit there and be soaked I'll play for Three hours"; well they actually played for Two and a half hours. The entire set list follows:

1. Helter Skelter
2. Hey God
3. Livin' On A Prayer
4. You Give Love A Bad Name
5. Keep The Faith
6. These Days
7. Lie To Me
8. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
9. Something For The Pain (Which he announced will be the next single and that they had just shot the video in LA the night before, and they were up until 4am shooting it.
10. Because The Night Belongs To Lovers
11. Damned
12. Blaze of Glory
13. Lay Your Hands On Me
14. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye,Poppa Was A Rolling Stone, Jumping Jack Flash all within the song)(Pulls girl out of audience to dance with him on stage)
15. Bad Medicine
16. Shout
17. Always
18. Wanted Dead Or Alive
19. Blood On Blood
20. With A Little Help From My Friends (My girlfriend Kim, gives Jon her license plate off her car that says BONJVI, He takes it, kisses her, shows the whole crowd, and keeps it!)
21. This Ain't A Love Song (During the fade out of the song, Jon slowly walks off stage while the band continues playing, lights dim, end of show)
Notice how many songs off of the new album. It has been reported at other shows that they were playing only 3 songs off TD. It was a great concert, a show worth the price of admission, even with the rain. The crowd was way into it, maybe that helped feed the band, but there was no attitude problem with any of them, they were having a blast! Going to Park City, Utah to see them there Sun. night, will let you know how they compare.

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