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Michigan Concert
From Michelle

We went last night to see Bon Jovi in Michigan at Pine Knob and it was truly the BEST CONCERT that I have seen thus far. WOW., It was undescribable how much enery and excitement that the band generated. In my opinion Jon was even more energetic and seemed to be enjoying the set alot more than even the Keep The FAith tour. He just seemed more relaxed and happy about performing in front of his fans. We were fairly close to the stage and could see on several occasions that JOn was talking to Richie and at times Tico and they were laughing and having a BLAST. I have never seen Jon so relaxed at a show and he seemed to be really enjoying what he has become as a person and performer.

THey performed longer than I have ever seen on any tour which proves that they are not only enjoying themselves immensely but they are also proving that they are not getting older but just getting better as the years go on.

THis show was most impressive for countless reasons. I was more than thrilled to see that as the tour goes on they are adding more and more songs from These DAys (their best album ever). It was great because they are getting to play new material and you could tell they needed that change. THey played 1) Hey God (which rocked the house and was an amazing way to start the show) ,2) Lie To Me (which Dave sang back up and was phenomenal) ,3) Something For THe Pain (Jon announced was for sure the next single-it was a dream come true to finally see Rich sing live and on his own-this was way too cool) ,4) Damned (which they added an extra verse into, as well as a cover song in the middle-this song RULED live), 5) These DAys (in which it was a real treat to see Jon play the harmonica and Dave the accordian) , and in the encore they did an extra long emotion filled version of (6) THis Ain't A Love Song. Wow six songs from These DAys plus Always and Saturday Night. SO this is really shaping up to be the These DAys tour here in North America. I speculate that when the band returns overseas they will be singing all these new songs - due to the fact that they had not even released the album when they began the European tour.

Needless to say this was the best set list ever imagioned. THey did newer and older (including Runaway). From previous albums they also did Bad Name, Prayer, WAnted, Bad Medicine, Lay Your Hands On Me, Blood on Blood, Keep The Faith, Sleep When I'm Dead, and many others including some cool covers.

Jon smiled constantly at the audience and was so I could tell that he was so proud that everyone was so into the new songs and Bon Jovi in general after all of these years of touring. He did alot of humorous things that showed he was having a good time. Examples include borrowing a pair of binoculars from a girl at the bar onstage and looking through them for about 3 minutes at all of the people in the crowd wandering from the right of the stage to the left. He waved at people as he was looking through the binocs and thought that it was a HOOT. That part was so funny. Also, near the end of the show he put on his sunglasses and one of the shaded lenses had fallen out so he sang with one clear eye and one shaded one. Then after the song he tossed them into the crowd.

He at one point balanced himself at the side of the stage and it looked as if he was going to jump in. No such luck.

He and Richie both spent alot of time touching people hands at the front as well as interacting with the people at the bar (jon grabbed a little girls hand and she was so excited).

Thanks to Bon Jovi for the greatest times of my life. Rock on'

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