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Houston Concert
From Dave

My wife and I had the good fortune of seeing Bon Jovi twice this past weekend..Friday, they played a half hour accoustic set downtown similar to what they've played elsewhere on this tour.The weather had been grey and gloomy all day, but when they launched into "Love For Sale," I knew we were in for a real treat. On top of that, the sun burst through the clouds and warmed things up a bit.Twenty-five minutes later,the show was over, and our appetites were primed for their concert Saturday night @ the Woodlands...A great deal has allready been posted here about previous concerts in other cities, so I won't bore you with set lists, but I will tell you what I felt were the highlights from Saturday's show. Richie's guitar playing was awesome during "Hey God," "Lie To Me," "I'll Sleep..," & "Wanted.." My wife couldn't keep her eyes off of Jon, but I came away a Richie and Tico convert..Richie changes guitars about as many times as Stevie Nicks changes costumes in concert..I also enjoy his Sammy Davis-Vegas-This is fun showbiz schtick. What a wise guy. Other highlights for me were the vocal harmonies during "Lay Your Hands On Me, and "Wild In The Streets." These guys obviously have been rehearsing. It is such a pleasure to watch a rock concert where the band is working real hard for the audience to have a great time. Bon Jovi delivered in Spades for us on Saturday, and I'm envious of all who are going to upcoming shows. Elvis was looking down @ the band Saturday night, and knew that the spirit of rockn'roll lives on in Bon Jovi. What a blast, I felt like I was 18 all over again!..Heres hoping to a Bon Jovi-Springsteen tour someday in the not too distant future..It could happen...

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