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Concorde Concert
From Robert P. Ritchey

HI everyone. Just thought I would post my two cents worth about the show on saturday night. It was definitely a blast! Opening for the guys was a local band called Shy Tiger. They were okay. During their acoustic ballad, they looked exactly like the Nelson twins (Ha ha).

I was caught by surprise when Hugh came out first. For a short moment, I thought this was another opener :) But, I definitely couldn't mistake Richie! (especially from the 5th row!) The set list is as follows:

Rockin in a Free World
Hey God
These Days
You Give Love a Bad Name
Livin on a Prayer
Lie to Me
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Keep the Faith
Something for the Pain
Sleep When Im Dead (Papa was a Rolling Stone/Jumping Jack Flash)
Lay Your Hands On Me
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Blood on Blood
This aint a Love Song
Everything was great, but to give a fully objectionable opinion, there were a couple things that could have been better. 1) I think Richie should have sang Stranger. 2) Richie wasn't very crowd oriented, but Jon seemed to be having a great time. 3) I think the ending was very drab. I want to leave feeling like I just got done with a rock concert. The ending was very slow and drawn out. (lots of moaning and humming for about 5 minutes, then it was over)

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