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Brisbane Concert
From: Julie (

Hi All!! Well what can I say? Did these guys kick butt or what!!!!! The Brisbane show went off with a bang! Despite thundery showers in the morning and then heavy showers later in the day, the show still went ahead. Actually when we were lining up the rain looked like clearing but just before Dogstar came on, down it came! I don't think they were game enough to cancel the show because if they did then there would've been a massive riot!

Dogstar came on at 5:00pm and played for about forty-five minutes. I didn't think too much of Dogstar but if you like grunge then no doubt you'll love'em. Jimmy Barnes came on at 6:00pm got the crowd rocking as always. He was on for an hour. I tell you what, that half hour between 7:00pm and 7:30pm seemed to go for all eternity!

At last though, 7:30pm arrived and ANZ Stadium erupted!!! I was in the second row, right down the front (in between Jon and Hugh). This was the first time I have seen Bon Jovi live so you can imagine that feeling of that first sighting of the guys in the flesh! I managed to get a grin from Richie, Jon looked straight into my eyes and David gave me a huge smile after I waved madly at him. Trust me guys, being tall has its advantages!!! Jon stood out in the rain for a moment or two and Richie even stuck his head out in the rain. That made us feel a little better. The rain may have dampened our clothes but it sure didn't dampen the spirits!

The set list is as follows. I can't remember the order but maybe once I come back down to the land of the living I might! I've probably missed one or two but you get the drift.

Helter Skelter (OPENING SONG)
Hey God
Livin' on a Prayer
You Give Love a Bad Name
Someday I'll be Saturday Night
It's Hard Letting You Go
Lie to Me
These Days
Something for the Pain (or should that be RAIN!!!!)
Bad Medicine/Shout
Lay Your Hands on Me
Wanted Dead or Alive
Blood on Blood
Keep the Faith
This Ain't a Love Song (FINAL ENCORE)
Blaze of Glory
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
I loved the fireworks at the end of the show they were great. My mum and dad could hear them (we only live 5-10 minutes away). It was so sad at the end. The event we have been hearing about and waiting months and months for has now been and gone. To relieve my depression I went out on Saturday and bought 'Live in London' video and that managed to cheer me up.
I have so much admiration for these guys. They've been on the road now for nearly a year and if they seem tired and weary then they show no signs of it! I would've loved to hear more of the older stuff but hey, this is Bon Jovi we're talking about so it doesn't really matter what they sing does it?

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