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Sydney Concert
From Bryce Sedd ( Kate McDonald (

Well we have just had the best weekend ever. We travelled 300kms to Sydney to see the band not even totally sure if they were still gonna play considering that they had already cancelled a show because of Tico's arm. Unperturbed we turned up to the venue (Eastern Creek Raceway) at about 12:30pm on Saturday morning. We got in line for fan club passes and then went to join the 300 meter line of people waiting to get in. After about 3 and a 1/2 hours of waiting in near 30 degree heat (celsius that is) we finally were admitted. The gates were supposed to be opened at 2:00pm but because they did a search on everyone entering the venue the line moved very slowly and it wasn't until about 4:00pm when we got in. Once inside it was like a stampede of people running toward the stage. Luckily we didn't have to join this stampede as we were guaranteed our fanclub section (no seating anywhere at the venue) right against the stage. After a relatively leisurely walk to the fanclub section we made our way in and awaited the start of the first support acts. Bands were supposed to start at 4:00pm and so were already running late. After a quick sound check the first band was just about to go on when in came the clouds and down came the rain. Everyone cheered the rain and the thunder and lightning that ensued, that was until the rain turned into hail as big as the end of your thumb. The cheers turned into screams as everyone crowded together to avoid the onslaught. We both recieved minor bruising during this time. After a few minutes the hail stopped and the rain slowed, at this point the fanclub section (which by the way was at the bottom of a rather steep hill) was completely flooded. We thought we were in a bad way until we looked at the stage which had nearly been completely wrecked. Half of the roof had been wrecked and had to be pulled down, the PA system was short circuited or something and the stage was completely soaked. At this time all the roadies began to try and salvage the stage and all the equipment and a while later we were told that they were thinking of cancelling or postponing the show until sunday night, this did not go down well with the crowd but they did say everyone was totally committed to getting Bon Jovi on stage. The announcer guy said that he spoken to Jon and that he said that he would play in a hail storm any day. We were then advised that there would be pass outs out of the venue so that we could go back to our cars or whatever and change , dry off etc. When we returned the announcer came on and said something to the effect of, "Now I don't want you to get mad but...Both 'THE POOR' and 'DOGSTAR' will not be performing" to this he recieved an unexpected roar of approval from the crowd (Sorry Keanu). Dogstar then came out to say thanks for coming to see them anyway, and that they would stay an extra day and play the next night at another venue and that the first six thousand to bring their Jovi tickets would get in free. Everyone Cheered and applauded DOGSTAR as they then left. Alittle while later Jimmy Barnes came on and everyone was glad to finally be getting some Rock and Roll. He played a shortened set but still warmed the crowd up. By this time the fire brigade had successfully pumped out most of the water that had flooded the fan club section and we were now just standing in mud. When Jimmy went off the roadies came on and began to set up for Jovi, unfortunately because of the rain this took a very long time as they were checking and rechecking everything. If you thought the half hour between Jimmy and Jovi in Brisbane went for an eternity well this hour or so went twice as long! Finally the sun went down and Jon came on and went straight into 'Rocking all over the World' soon after Richie, Tico, Dave and Hugh joined him, finally we were getting what we came for. At that moment no one seemed to care about everything that had happened up to that point. After 'Rockin all over the World' they did 'Hey God' after which Jon said that because of everything we had been through they would play an extra long show, as you can imagine this was met with another huge roar from the crowd. Now we can't remember the exact set list but we can give you a list of what they did play, so if anyone does have the right order let us know cause we really want it.

Rockin all over the World
Hey God
Livin on a Prayer
You Give Love a Bad Name
These Days - (Dedicated to the one star Jon could see in the sky and to all the people who have ever wanted to just reach up and touch the sky)
Lie To Me
Something for The Pain - (Jon forgot part of the lyrics much to Richie's amusement)
It's Hard Letting You Go
Damned - (With the Extra verse)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Keep the Faith
Blaze Of Glory
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - (With Pappa was a Rolling Stone and Jumpin Jack Flash) - (It was here that they inflated Elvis and Chicky-babe)
Bad Medicine - (With Shout)
Lay Your Hands on Me
With A Little Help From My Friends
Never Say Goodbye
Wanted Dead or Alive
Blood on Blood
This Ain't a Love Song
Ok once again this is not the correct order but we think we have included everything, if we haven't let us know. The songs were great and the guys were great, they really seemed to get into it, but I guess thats what they do. During the first half this girl threw her american flag up on stage which Jon picked up and tied around his neck like a cape, he kept it on for about two songs. Towards the end just before Never Say Goodbye, Jon told us that because of the rain the drums weren't working properly and that they just found out that one of Richies double neck guitars had died. He then proceeded to start Never Say Goodbye solo and then was joined by everyone later all with working instruments.
They finished with This Ain't A Love Song during which Jon jumped down into the security area and shook hands with heaps of people in the front row. It was an amazing show, it totally blew away the last show we saw during the last tour. Everyone of the guys gave their all but I guess thats what they do for every show. Tico's arm was strapped up but he showed no sign other than that of his ailment. Hugh was cool, I guess he has loosened up since he first started playing live with the guys. He seemed to be forever scanning the crowd taking it all in, and it looked as though he liked it. He really seemed to fit in. All in all it was a great night.

The next day we attended a sort of Bon Jovi convention thingo in the city. It was just really an excuse for people to get together and talk about their Jovi experiences. There was stuff to buy and a display of heaps of CDs and Records. There was also give aways and quizzes. People got up and chatted about concerts they had been to and told of their experiences meeting the band. Some asked about Alec and we were told that Jons Mum had said that he never played on Keep the Faith and only played on tour. We were also told that Jons Mum said Alec didn't go away mad or angry or anything it was just that he always seemed to want to do his own thing anyway.

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