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Zurich, Switzerland
From Davide Devoti (

Last Sunday I saw the Bon Jovi concert in Zurich, so I think I have to
tell you something about that.
First, it was a rainy day, it rained from 14:30 to 17:00 and from 18:30
to 20:00. The first band to open the show was a very good swiss unsigned
band called Jungle, a lot similar to Survivors.
The Jungle performance started at 16:00 and lasted at 16:30.
At 16:50 began the worst show I ever seen: the H-Blockxx part,
I can't understand why Bon Jovi want to have them to open their shows.
At 18:00 the third opening band jumped on stage, their name is Gotthard,
a good band with a great singer.
During the H-Blockxx show the rain stopped and Bon Jovi made an helicopter
fly over the screaming crowd.
At 19:30 began the Bon Jovi show with "Lay your hands on me".
During this song Jon came on the very left side of the stage to catch some
rain, and this made the crowd scream even louder.
Richie didn't play the second solo, the one with he and Jon running through
the stage, maybe because it was raining at the time.
The second song has been "All I want is everything" and then "Bad medicine",
with "Brown sugar" in the middle.
Now my memory begins to fade, because I remember all the songs they played
but not the right order, so I'll write them with some infos there and then:
"Runaway": as usual they stopped before the solo, then Jon said "One more time
David !" and Richie made the solo and then they finished the whole
song"I'd die for you""You give love a bad name"
"Blood on blood": as last tour, Jon began with only acoustic guitar, then
all the band followed after the first chorus.
"Diamond ring": Jon sang this one without any instrument playing.
"Bed of roses": classic version, Richie made some new riffs during the song.
"Dry county": just before this song the rain stopped, and when Jon sang
"I begged the clouds for rain" looked up at the sky.
He left the people sing the second "Now oil's gone...." chorus.
"Rockin' all over the world" : very good version, Jon seemed very happy when
he heard that the crowd knew the chorus of this
song and said "You are a very good audience"
Acoustic part"Wanted dead or alive" : Richie sang the second verse.
"I'll be there for you": Richie had some problems with his acoustic guitar
at the beginning of this song, Jon said something about
that but I didn't understand exactly what he said
"In these arms": David made the solo with his keyboardCircus part
Some new scenography went down at one point of the show, and in the mega screen
appeared images of a roll-coaster ride."Something for the pain"
"Damned" : Jon seemed to refer the song content to one girl in the audience
"Keep the faith""Someday I'll be Saturday night"
"Hey God" : great version, very similar to the one they made at the MTV Europe
Music Awards, but Jon sang a lot better this time
"My guitar lies bleeding in my arms": Jon played some acoustic guitar riffs during
this song
"Rocking in the free word" : Jon himself made the second solo, while Richie was
"I'll sleep when I'm dead" : they included both "Papa was a rolling stone" and
"Jumping Jack Flash"
"(It's hard) Letting you go" : similar version to the one in the "These days"
"Something to believe in": very good version, the crowd sang the "Hey hey hey" part
and Hugh played very well in the central part, Richie used
a purple guitar I've never seen before.
After the song Jon lasted a lot exchanging "Hey hey hey"'s
with the crowd.The last three songs:
"These days": Jon said "There's nobody left but **you** these days"
to the people for "awaiting under the rain" and for being so good
during the whole show."Always""Livin'on a prayer"
Fireworks and over
The concert finished at 22:30 and this means a 3 hours concert with 27 songs
(without counting the filling songs as JJF, etc.), of which 9 (!) from "These days"
Another thing I have to add is that Hugh smiled during all the show,
now he seems to feel good on stage.

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