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Koeln, Germany
From Kerstin

Cologne 29th June 1996
Yesterdays Bon Jovi concert in Cologne just toped everything Iīve seen before of
the band!! Although the weather wasnīt too good (there was a light rain nearly
all of the time) the crowd and the band were in an absolutely great mood!
The introducing acts made sure that the atmosphere was good but also the fans
themselves knew how to stay in the mood despite the rain - by doing the `la
olaī. The first introducing act was a german band called "Milch auf Ex" and they
played good german rock! They had great response in the audience although nobody
knew them before! After they had played from 4.15 p.m. until 4.45 p.m., Joan
Osborne played her part at about 5.15 p.m. for another 45 Min. Unfortunately she
didinīt fullfill the expectations I had of her performance! Except the hit song
"One of us" which the whole crowd loved! At the end of her performance, just
after 6.00 p.m. light rain started again and lasted till the end! But it wasnīt
that bad! 30 Min later the german crossover band H-Blockx played for just about
an hour! This was just the right band to get the atmosphere going before Bon
Jovi came! I have recognized that opnions are quite different about the band
among true BJ fans! I think it was great that Jon asked them to support him -
this shows good music taste... Songs like "Risinī high", "Move" or "Little girl"
are just brilliant - and despite all bad opinions they found great response in
the crowd!!!!
But now to the main actors of the evening... After the huge stage was prepared
for the band, a local marching band opened the show as usual with "Lay your
hands on me". It was now 8.05 p.m. and after this very unusual but really good
performance Bon Jovi finally came on stage! The crowd nearly went crazy (me too)
during the last minutes before the marching band came on stage - everybody could
see them but it took al least 10 Min until they came!!!!
So the band was even more welcomed with a tremendous applause...
I will now try and write down the set list - and I hope I can keep up the order
of the songs:1. Lay your hands on me (marching band)Bon Jovi came up on stage:
2. Lay your hands on me3. Bad Medicine4. All I want is everything
5. You give love a bad name (fireworks)6. Runaway
7. (I canīt help falling in love) Bed of roses (!!) absolutely fabulous..
8. Rocking all over the world9. Letting you go
10. Dry county (!!) Jon was singing in the rain during: "I beg the clouds to
open..."11. Blood on BloodAccoustic session:
12. Wanted dead or alive
13. Iīll be there for you (special request from the audience)14. In these arms
Fairground part / Finale:15. Something for the pain (fireworks)
16. Someday Iīll be Saturday night
17. Sleep when Iīm dead (Papa was a Rolling Stone)18. Keep the FaithI. Encole:
19. Damned20. Lie to me21. Hey God22. Something to belive in
(No guarantee for the order here ?!)II. Encole:
23. (I didnīt know this song - but the chorus was:" Rockīn Roll makes me drift
away..."; Tico didnīt play the drums then - he was singing together with
Dave)24. Always
25. Stranger in this town(!!) a great highlight of the show...26. These days
(wonderful row of songs!)III. Encole:
27. (Another song I didnīt know; Jon introduced it as New Jersey folk song??!!!)
28. Livinīon a prayer (fireworks) first Jon sang the chorus with us on his own!!
Last highlight of the show....
- END-
Total playing time: 3h !!!!!
The general mood of the band was totaly relaxed and especially Jon was smiling
all the time!! He enchanted the whole stadium with his special apperance. Also
Hughie seems to find more and more into the band - he was very happy to read the
banner of a girl next to me saying: "Hi Hughie - youīre great!"
Jon played all the games with the audience like he always does and he just
didnīt want to leave the stage in the end! He was so impressed about us all, and
he thanked us by saying that they all had a great time here Cologne - especially
as they stayed nearly a week - and that they loved coming to Germany because of
all the great fans here!!
I never met the band in such a relaxed and easy mood like yesterday... it made
it the best gig Iīve seen ever seen of them!!

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