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From: Christian Denoisieux (

Just some more information about Landgraaf.
The show has began at 7:55pm. Surprising : 20 musicians; only drums (and even a big one), playing
the first 5 or 6 notes from "Lay your hands on Me". The public react immediately and didn't stop
to cry "Lay your hands on Me". Now Jon is coming, it's 8:00pm !, David starts the intro
but after a few notes, just before Jon want to sing that sound, the audience offer him a big
surprise singing laud the first sentences of that song ( "If you're ready, I'm willing and able,
Help me lay my cards out of the table, You're mine and I'm yours for the taking...".). Jon was
surprised and happy, 'cause he likes big show with a good ambience. Tonight, it was wrote somewhere
in the story, that both Jon and the public will definitively enjoy this show. So, Jon was looking
for Ritchie, he couldn't believe it, and as answer, he put the micro to our direction.
He was glad we would participate, we were glad we could show him we like the band... Then Jon
started with "bad medicine", just to taste us, we get the micro again, and as answer, we were
singing a couple of sentences of that pretty songs. Now, Jon knows it : we are ready to rock
tonight ! I wasn't trying to remember what he was playing and when. I wasn't there to make a
report, so, I don't remember for which song it also happened, I can only say that it happens 4
times ! So, you know, 4 times we could sing the first part of a title. What did we get ? A lot
of songs, quite 3 hours ! Isn't it great ? I'm not able to give you the track list. At 10:45pm
began the fireworks Quite 3 hours ! Thanks Jon, thanks a lot for the show you give in Landgraaf.
We will never forget your performance ! It was my 11 concert and the best on 'till Cologne,
the 29th June 1996.

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