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Koeln, Germany
From: Christian Denoisieux (

This is my report about Cologne...
After Landgraaf (The Nederlands), I went to Koln (Germany) for the 2 dates
(28/06 and 29/06). Friday was the second date, the stadium wasn't
full, 40.000 people according to the press, 55.000 according to the
security. Saturday's show was sold out (70.000 people according to
several security persons). We got 2 local groups as first act :
"Milch aus ex" and "H-Block". Both followed by Joan Osbourne. Both days,
I was there at 9:OOam, even the doors were open at 2:00pm : it's the
price to pay to get a serious chance to reach the first row... and it
works ! I came at time to stay on theleft side, at front of Ritchie. At
4:30pm came "Milch aus ex", they are funny, play a good rock'n roll /
hard fm, singing in german, but really, it was good. I enjoyed that
group, they will leave a good reminder to me. Then H-Block, they were
playing very hard, making a good ambiance the first day. There are german
too, but still singing in english. Either you like it (I do) or not. It's of course
totally different than Bon Jovi, you can compare the guys to Uggly kid
Joe or Dog eat Dog...Anyway, the public reacted pretty good to their
songs. At 6:30pm, Joan Osbourne. What a deception : no ambience, no one
applaus (except when she told about Bon Jovi, H-Block or Milch aus
ex),... some little noise when she sing her big (?) success. Even the
press didn't speak about her prestation ! I don't like her, so, I don't
want to give any comment about her, they wouldn't be positive, I don't
want this report would give any frustation to other people, Joan
Osbourne is like H-Block : you like it or not, I don't, but I respect
people who like her. At 8:00pm, the orchestra came on stage, playing the
intro of "lay your hands on me". The public reacted very good, screaming
laughter, the pressure was still there. We got a good show (2 hours 50
minutes), but it wasn't that good like in Landgraaf. We didn't heard
"I'll be there for you", "Dry County", ... In fact, the whole stadium
wasnt reacting the same : at front of the stage, all the fans screaming,
singing jumping, moving... at the end, a lot of curious only looking
for that big show. If I should give a notation of the ambience, let's say 8/10
for Landgraaf, 7/10 for Entschede (The Netherlands) and 7/10 for
Koln- on 28/06. So, that was good. Jon, David, Tico, Ritchie... all the boys give
entire satisfaction. They found a lot of fun to play there. I even got the surprise
to see my face in the press on Saturday... Friday was good, but it was only like a
repetition for the Saturday. At 9:00am, we were already 500 waiting for the opening
of the doors. The rain becames harder and harder, but the people didn't try to take a
special protection : no one would like to leave his place to get dry ! The same groups
than the day before, but we noticed a little change by everyone. "Milch aus ex" plyed better,
made a better ambiance. Joan Osbourne came directly after (may be due to her small
prestation the day before) and couldn't play more than 45minutes. She changed her
style, trying to adapt it to Bon Jovi Style, but, it was just a try. Anyway, on this time she
got applaus from 100 persons for the 4 last songs (not that bad, 100 from 70.000). Then the
H-Block, more contested on Saturday, ambiance was not that good, at the first rows, a lot
of people didn't like them, a couple of Bon Jovi fans stay one hour with the major finger
pointed to the sky (fuck of meaning...). And finally, once again, Bon Jovi. I got a feeling
it would be better, and along the concert, that feeling was confirmed. Jon was very emotional,
the public entered in communion with him. We made one bloc. It was fantastic, let's give up
an 9,5/10 ('cause you always hope to see better) ! More punch than yesterday, a more dynamic
concert, a perfect public : Koln, you were fantastic !!! Thanks a lot Jon, thanks a lot all
of yours making from that event a brillant show. During the intro, everyone was cracking in
their hands, singing "Lay your hands on me". When Jon arrived, everyone was jumping, cracking
in the hands, singing with him. Once again, Jon was really impressioned by that enthousiasm.
And then Bad Medicine, Something for the pain, Damned, RUnaway, Keep the Faith, Rock'n roll
over the world. The public became more and more enthousiast. A the first row (I got the same
place that the day before), the pressure becames incredible, but I could resist without any
problem. The accoustic session was longer, we got I'll be there for you, Wanted... dead or
alive, dedicated for all the fans following Jon since many years... unfortunately, we didn't
got "I died for you". On Always, Dry county, Blood on blood, I think John would scream, but
he could hold his feeling, he was able to contain his emotion. The track list was the same
than in Landgraaf, in another order. Even from Friday to Saturday, we had remark some changes
(On firday, he has finished with "With a little help from my friends", song he sings at the
beginning on Saturday). After more than 2 hours concert, 'cause the audience was so good, Jon
made us a present : he offer us a song ! He proudly presented Ritchie for "Stranger in this town".
Thanks Jon, Since Wembley, I didn't hear that anymore live !. What a moment, what an emotion for
me ('cause I'm also a Ritchie Fan -even I'm not yet in his Fan Club, but it will not
take a long time before it happens !)...A real Magic moment. Once, I payed attention to Jon,
he was looking for the concert area, He saw all those people singing, jumping, cracking their
hands, he was enjoying the show too, when Ritchie was playing he could make a break in his
concentration, being for a few minutes a single spectator. Jon was smiling, he was happy to
see he reached his goal : make so much people happy. He realized how much its music is important
for us, he realized how important he has become for all those persons. Life isn't always
easy, but for one night, all those people forgot all their problem and took a good time with him.
Then he was looking at my direction, I moved my hands and my arms, to show him I was here... he
recognized me... he answered by a more prononced smile to me ! Oh God, what a moment !
Quickly I was looking around me, no one was looking to him but to Ricthie as well. So, I stopped
to move my hands and I put my finger up to the sky to say him : "You're brillant, you're the
number one". He reacted a second time, then try to hold his emotion, 'cause I know Jon
have one goal : making people happy by playing music. Reaching your target is a great moment in
your life... Several times I saw Jon smiling or answering to several other people he recognized
to. You can be a Big Star, but not all big Star are able to stay an human, Jon can do it,
therefore he's a great man. Once again, I would like to thank all the people who has been there,
'cause the second show was incredible. I can also remember, than on "Runaway", David stopped to
play the intro, the whole group was looking at our direction...we were surprised, they found
it funny. After 2 hours 45 minutes, when they played "Hey God", all the first rows were jumping
very high (I guess my foots were at 80 cm from the ground...), singing again, cracking in their
hands. I saw Ritchie, he was surprise that after so many minutes, we could always react as
such... Really, it was a brillant event.
Tomorrow, I will go to Oostende (Belgium), then I will go to Paris (France) and I will finish
my Tour in England (with 2 Dates in Milton Keynes)... My dreams comes true... I got the chance
to see Jon 7 times during one of his best tour, 7 times 3 hours concert with Bon Jovi,
that's more than a dream... I know people going to more events than I, I'm happy for those people.

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