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Bremen, Germany, 28.4.1998
Review by

Hello Bon Jovi fans all over the world,

my name is Thomas and I am living in northern Germany. This tuesday me and two friends went to Jon's concert in Bremen, a city in the north of Germany. I had been to five Bon Jovi shows before, but this was the first show of Jon performing solo so I didn't really know what to expect. My biggest thought was how much I miss Richie, who is my big inspiration in learning to play guitar.

When we arrived it started to rain. I think it always rains when I go to a BJ concert. So finnaly we got into the hall and waited for the support tact who came on stage at about 8.00 o'clock. It was a local band called "Bed of silence". Please forgive me if the name is incorrect. It was probably the best unknown band supporting Bon Jovi so far. Then after half an hour they went of stage and prepared it for Jon and the Big dogs.

At 8.55 they switched of the lights and the crowd was wild in a second. You could see them coming on the dark stage. He started the show with a song I had not heared before. Title must have been "Fire" (not Bruce Springsteen). Then he went straight to "You give love a bad name" which the played with two guitars and I think this sounds better than with only one. The third song I think was "Every word was a piece of my heart". Then Jon said a few words to the people: He was happy to be in Bremen/hadn't played for a long time/will play so long how the people wants him/play old songs, songs from DA and songs which he had written for the next album (does anyone know which album he could mean? A third JBJ album? A BJ album?) I don't know the exactly order of the songs they played than but the songs where: Ugly, Someday I'll be saturday night, Destination anywhere, Blood money, Blaze of glory, August 7 4:15, Life is a hard road (this is the song for the next album - it has a heavy intro and a heavy chorus with two guitars and the verses only with drums and keyboard I think - the title is maybe a little different), Billy get your guns, Queen of New Orleans, Janie, don't take your love to town, Naked, Bad medicine, Keep the faith. Then they went of stage and came back for three encores (It's just me, I'll sleep when I'm dead, Soul spirit (Hey hey hey)). Then the lights went on and the show was over.

I think soundlike this was one of the Best BJ shows I have seen, but I really missed the great guitarplay of Richie. I'm sure Bobby is not a bad player but there wasn't the magic of Richie especially in the Bon Jovi songs.

Well, that's my little review, I could write a lot more but I leave you with that. If you have any questions about this gig or only want to talk about BJ please send a email to:

The setlist:

You Give Love a Bad Name
Every Word Was a Piece of my Heart
Queen of New Orleans
Someday I'll be Saturday Night
Life's too Short For Days Like These (NEW SONG)
Blood Money
Blaze of Glory
Destination Anywhere
August 7th 4:15
Billy Get Your Guns
Janie Don't Take Your Love to Town
Bad Medicine
Keep the Faith
It's Just Me
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Treat Her Right

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