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Dry County Archives: Bon Jovi Facts

My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
Translated by Erik (

"A lesson I learned during the struggle that preceded the making of 'Bed of Roses': Never throw you guitar in a corner when you can't make it work, but keep on trying, keep on trying. Do you know that scene from 'Tommy', where he walks in to a room and a sees all these posters of himself? I had a dream like that too. I walk in to a room and I see my head all over the walls.
And all the posters growl: 'Come on Jon, write another song. Come on, you remember how to do it don't you?'. That is the shit I always have to deal with. The constant fear that you dry out creatively. I always have those thoughts wandering around in my mind. Will I ever write a good song again? Can I still do it? Will I still enjoy doing it? In 'Guitar lies bleeding' I write all those frustrations off of me. And that feels great, you can take my word for it!"

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