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Dry County Archives: Bon Jovi Facts

Letting You Go
Translated by Erik (

"I made this for the movie I can been seen in soon, 'Moonlight and Valentino', and it will suprise the fans. This really isn't a Bon Jovi song. You just hear me, Richie, and some electronic equipment. I play the keyboards in this song and did the singing live. It really was a gift for the producers of 'Moonlight and Valentino', recorded on a tape. A sort of 'thank you' for letting me play in the movie. And promptly the used it as a soundtrack. And now I put it onto this album too. It's funny really, originally only a few people would have heard this song. And now, all of a sudden, it's both movie-music and a real album-track. But I'm happy with it anyhow".

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