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Dry County Archives: Bon Jovi Facts

Everything about Richie Sambora
Translated by Erik (

Amazing but true: when he was a kid Richie Sambora tried to play piano, saxophone and trumpet. Inspired by people like Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, he decided to pick up a guitar when he was fourteen. A good choice!

True words from Richie Sambora: "A professional musican must be able to listen which many people forget. In a band you have to able to see that others sometimes also have good ideas. You can't play well yourself until the others do too so discussing things properly is absolutely necessary".

Stage animal Richie Sambora: "Life is fun, a lot of fun if you'd see our bank accounts. But still it's al about one thing: playing. Of the 24 hours, 22 are in service of the two hours on the stage. If you have the flu, having a fight with your wife or just so your dog being run over by a truck: the second you walk forward and the kids start screaming, you forget everything and you become Superman. No dope or pussy can compete with that. It's the ultimate thing."

As good Rock&Rollers are supposed to you will almost always find the Bon Jovi's with dark sunglasses on. Richie even claims to own between 25 to 30 pairs. We don't know if he was speaking the truth though. When he told us we couldn't look in the eyes, those were hidden behind.....yep!.

Again: the secret of Bon Jovi's success? Richie: "Our power is that we write very visual songs. Who listens to the compositions, feels part of it. That's David's influence, that's why he's so good in composing film music.

When Richie Sambora doesn't have a guitar in his hands, his fingers are on the graceful body of his wife Heather Locklear, the gorgeous blonde from 'Dynasty' and 'Melrose place'. Sambora took her over from Motley Crue drummer Tommy 'T-Bone' Lee, who after that played doctor with Bobbie Brown (the ex of Warrant singer Jani Lane) and even bigger brested Pamela Anderson. Mrs. Locklear Sambora is now benefitting from the love lessons that Richie took from (s)expert Cher, not too long ago.

When Richie passes aways he would like to be burried with his guitar.

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