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Dry County Archives: Bon Jovi Facts

Everything about David Bryan
Translated by Erik (

Another shocking thing: David Bryan did so well in school that he was heading to be a medical student right after getting his highschool diploma. He folks liked the idea of him becoming a doctor. His pal Jon convinced him that his parents were wrong and put a keyboard in David's hands. And David Bryan is a Rock & Roll doctor. A advantage to that is that you don't have to ask a keyboard everytime: "Does it hurt when I press here".

"I never would want to live in a city like Los Angeles", David Bryan admits. "It like you're constantly touring over there.You can never be yourself, you always have to play the famous rockstar. In New Jersey the people are much more down to earth." Unfortunately for the keyboard player that a Bon Jovi member is hardly home....

"Thank god we're not ugly!" David Bryan said to the reporter of the American magazine Circus. A remarkable thing to say, because Bryan certainly isn't the biggest heart breaker of the band. Before it was even worse; in his early years he wore glasses with an extremely heave frame that shows resemblance with sleepers.

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