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More U-571 News

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Singer Jon Bon Jovi And Actor Harvey Keitel During A Presentation Of U-571 Film

FEATURE:ROME,15FEB99 - TO GO WITH STORY ITALY SUBMARINE - Singer Jon Bon Jovi (L) smiles as he poses with actor Harvey Keitel during a presentation in the Rome's Cinecitta Studios of new film " U-571 " in this January 19 file picture. " Saving Private Ryan " did it for the Normandy landings. " U-571 " a Jonathan Mostow's World War Two epic adventure, aims to do it for the battle of the Atlantic. The film tells of a bold bid by U.S. sailors to steal the German coding device, Enigma, from a stranded U-boat in 1942 and so to turn the tide of the war. Set as the Allies were reeling from British prime minister Winston Churchill's warning that they were about to lose the war in the sea, the film takes its inspiration from two operations in which German U-boats were captured by U.S. and British ships. Mostow' s movie, starring Hollywood tough guy Harvey Keitel, Mattew McConaughey and singer-turned-actor Jon Bon Jovi, is veteran Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis' 600th film.

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