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Album: These Days

If That's What It Takes

IF THAT`S WHAT IT TAKES (j. bon jovi/r. sambora)

intro: F, C, F, C

I played the part of a broken heart upon a shelf F, C, A*m, Dm
I played that part so lonely and so well Am, A*
Thought that love belonged to someone else, A*, A*m, F
not me and you C

Yeah, I know that you`ve been shattered, you`ve been bruised F, C, A*m, Dm
We both know what it feels like when you lose Am, A*
But I`d bet my life for a roll of a dice for you A*, A*m, Dm

If that`s what it takes, that`s what I`d do A*, C, F
Tonite`s the night, I`m gonna prove it to you A*, C, F
Do I have to break down, Dm
baby just to break through C
If that`s what it takes, that`s what I`d do A*m, F
If that`s what it takes... A*m

I bet you counted all the tears, I bet you`ve cried F, C, A*m, Dm
I bet you swore you`d never let love back inside Am, A*
`Cause it hurt you way too bad to say goodbye A*, A*m, F
Now, there`ll be times when I might put us to the test F, C, A*m, Dm
And it`s hard for broken hearts to just forget Am, A*
But I`m driving blind, I`ll lay it all on the line for you A*, A*m, Dm


solo F, C, Dm, Am, A*, A*m, F, C

So, when you feel like jumping A*
Just when your heeart starts pumping A*m
When you`re standing out on the ledge F
staring over the edge Dm
I`ll be there to talk you down A*
I`ll be there before you hit the ground A*m, Dm


[Chorus again but the words are different, goes like this:]
If that`s what it takes, that`s what i`d do
If we take the time to do it right, I know we`ll pull through If it took all my life, I`d prove it to you If that`s what it takes, that`s what I`d do If that`s what it takes...

PS: Hope there are not too many mistakes, ...
I like this song, canīt understand how somebody can not like it!? See ya!
Pepe from Czechia ( )

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