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Album: Slippery When Wet

Wild In The Streets

Tabbed by Bernardo Valderrama Panama City,  Panama
Very good song!!!! Great lyrics (storyteller), great beat andgreat guitars!!!!
This is gonna be a little hard to tab, but I'll do my best!
I'm gonna include in this some new things to make things easier
to tab, but at the same time easy for you to understand!
Here it gonna be a lot much easier if you listen to
the song for timing...Notation legends">" = repeat note a couple o' timesIntro
---------------I--4---4---4----I Play twice--4---4---4----I--2-X-2-X-2----I
---------------IVerseAJoey comes from sacred part of town, where sometimes you
F#mtalk so tough your feet don't touch the ground. And the A
sidewalk soldiers sing their midnite blues while the F#m
old men recite their story lines about when I was young like youBridge
A DThey say: Oh yeahwe're cruising to the backbeat A DA D
Oh yeahMaking love in the backseats B5Chorus (play intro)
We were wild, wild in the streetswild wild in the streetsVerseA
A member of the boys' brigade had a date with the girl nextdoor you know it F#m
made her daddy crazy and it only made her want him more. They weren't A
looking for trouble that boy didn't want a fight (not tonite) so she F#m
headed out thru the bathroom window but what daddy didn't know is that
she'll be alright Bridge A DThey say: Oh yeah
we're cruising to the backbeat A DA DOh yeah
Making love in the backseats B5Chorus (this time twice)
Solo (intro chords, but with a little variation at the end. Listen to
the song andyou will notice it!!)A
Sometimes this ain't pretty, but you know it ain't so bad. Just like the F#m
girl who looks so happy when inside she's so so sad. And A
here we got this code of honor: "no one's going down". You don't
F#m B5
walk in vain thru the kids parade, cause this is my hometown...Chorus
B----5-7-5------------------I Hehe sorry... I missed this...
G----------7-6--------------I You will know where it goes if
D---------------------------I u listen to the song....
A---------------------------I Goes all over the song
E---------------------------I (adapted for guitars)
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