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Album: Undiscovered Soul

Made in America

Cadd 9           0   3   2   0   3   3   
Em * 0 2 2 0 3 3

Intro Cadd 9 - G- Cadd 9 - G- D

Made in America,nineteen fifty nine G- Em* - C add 9- D
Born down by the factories cross the Jersey city lines G- Em*- Cadd 9- D
Raised on radio, just a juke-box kid G- Em*-Cadd 9- D
I was allright _ _ G- Em*- Cadd9- D

Blinded by my vision, there was just no turning back Am- D
Like a runaway train, life was steaming down the track G- G/f# - Em
You'd say I'd never make it out, but I kept on hanging on Am- D
And every night I pray to Jesus and I held my head up strong F- D

I was alright, I landed on my feet G- Em*- Cadd9- D
Made in America, I was brought up on the streets "
My old man independance seem good enough for me "
I was made in America _ _ "
Made in America G- Em* - ( intro )

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