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Album: These Days

All I Want Is Everything *

   Some fifteen years old kid sits on the porch just half past noon    D
Trying to figure out just what he's doing
Why he had to grow up so soon
With all the gangs, all the guns, watcha gonna learn in school
There's got to be some way out of here
He says " Man, this life is cruel "

Bb- G

Tell me what you want Bb- G
Tell me what you need Bb- G
I want everything Bb- G

I've had enough of having nothing D
I won't take just anything Bb
I got my mind set on something G
All I want is evrything D
It's my life, Mister, I ain't running
I'm no puppet on a string Bb
I want more than I see coming G
All I want is everything D

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