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Album: These Days

Bitter Wine *

Intro  C | dm | F | C  (2x)Verse 1
G F C am
We met some time ago, when we were almost young
bm am F G
It never crossed my mind to ask, where did you come from?
G F C am
I didn't have much money, so I stole you a rose
bm am F G
You were dressed like an orphan, in Salvation Army clothesPreChorus 1
I never thought I'd lose ya, no - I'd rather go blind
I thought I saw the future, but the fortune teller liedChorus 1
C dm F C
Your love was my salvation, it could always get me high
C dm F C
What was once holy water, tastes like bitter wineVerse 2
I know I wasn't funny, but you laughed at all my jokes
When I was choking on the words to say, you shoved your finger down my throat
The first night I said I loved you, you told me to go to hell
You were giving me head, on that creeky, old bed at the Ol'Duvol MotelPreChorus2
Just like everything ,even good love has to die
Ain't no sympathy when it sayes goodbyeChorus1
Solo am | C | am | C | am | F | F | CPreChorus2Link
am C dm F C
No one even cried, we're one of a kind, one of a kindChorus2
Lov let me stranded at the station and the last train's gone by
What was once holy water, tastes like bitter wineChorus3
Your love was my salvation, it could always get me high
You take the "bag"(?) of holy water, now all that's left is bitter wine
End C F C
Transcribed by Matthias Kiess, September 1995, e-mail:
Any additions, corrections, tabs, ticks, tricks etc... are welcome.

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