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Album: 7800 Fahrenheit

In And Out Of Love

E   0			E   0
A 3 A 0
D 2 C7M/ e D 0 Am/ d
G 0 G 2
B 0 B 1
E 0 E 0

In and out of love _ _ Am- F7M- G
In and out of love _ _ Am- F7M- G

Young and wired Am
Set to explode in the heat ( G- C7M/e - Am )
You won't tire Am
Cause baby was born with the beat_ ( G- C7M/e - Am )
Take you higher than you're ever know G
Then drive you down to your knees D4- D7
I pick you up when you're had enough Am/g
You been burn, baby lessons learned Am/d

In and out of love_ _Am- F7M- G
( Hear what I'm saying )
In and out of love _ _ Am- F7M- G
( It's the way we we're playing )
In and out of love Am
Too much is never enough F7M- G- E
She's gonna get you _ Am

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