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Album: 7800 Fahrenheit

The Price Of Love

Dm- Bb- Dm- Bb

One heart one other, they met last summer Dm- Gm
One move she started, now they love this way Bb- A
The pain of pleasure_ lying together Dm- Gm
You're at their mercy _as the telephone's ringing on Bb- A

No one said there'd be nights like this Bb- C
Risk your life for a stolen kiss Bb- A

We live, we learn, we lie, for the price of love Dm- Sib- A
We kiss then say goodbye for the price of love Dm- Bb- A

It's all in the game and the way that it's played Dm- C
There's no time to wonder why, to catch you when you fall Bb- Dm
Answer when you call, no one can hear you cry C- Bb- Am

You live your life to take that chance Bb- C
When you're a master of the art of romance Bb- C
And you know you won't cross that line Bb
Until that last slow dance A

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