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The End

So now it's over, let the spot light fade   G-A
I hear the music slowly fade away C-G
And now I find it's hard to say goodbye G-A
So I'll just goodnight my friend C-G

The end ( we'll be together ) G
The end ( we'll live forever ) A
We'll all be together in the end C-G

Come on, come on, come on, darling, lay your head down Bb-F-(G)
Come on, come on, come on little darling help me baby Bb-F
Cos I can't see the lights ....Am

Does anybody really fall in love anymore ?

I walk down the street, people passing me by A-D
They look you up and down, but they don't look in you in the eye F#m-D

I said hey, are you lonely tonight ? E-A
I'm gonna make it, but that don't make it right E-D

Does anybody really fall in love anymore ? C-Em
Does anybody really give her heart to somebody ? Am-F
Does anybody really have opened that door ? C-Em
I know, I know, you gotta love somebody Am-Am/g-F
I know, I know, I've got to find somebody to love Am-Am/g-F-Dm
By Christophe Arnould

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