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Growin' Up The Hard Way

Capo 1   Em- C- Am- B7- Em

She's got a blue tattoo on the back of her hand Em
That say's I love you, from the boys in the band
She's been living in the run for almost a year Am
Her daddy would abuse her, she's been living in fear B7

Try, to hold your head up high C- C/b- Am - C/b- Am- Am/g
You live and then you die_ _ C- C/b- Am
Can someone tell me why ? B7

Growing up the hard way, learning how to live with the pain Em- C
The weight of the world on your shoulder Am
I guess that's just the price that you pay B7
Growin up the hard way, it's getting harder every day Em- C
Learning how to live with the fire Am
Praying to God for some rain B7
Growing up the hard way Em

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