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River Of Love

   Penny for your thoughts baby, tell me what you see   Bm
You know I want to play with you
But this ain't hide and seek with me, can't you see G- Bm
I know your mamma don't approve of what I'm thinking of
You gave me just a little piece, but it just ain't enough

You say stop, I say go G- A
I say yeah, you say no, no, no, no, no G- A- G
I just can't wait, cause I did start much too late A- G- A
And only you can save me now D- G- A

You know I've been to heaven and the other side D- A- D- G- A
We can share this together, with the full moon night D- A- D- G- A
We will remember the night forever, it's just you and I D- A- D- G- A
River of love, and the full moon night G- A- Bm

The last chorus is : Eb- Bb- Eb- G# - Bb...

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