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Love Hurts

I go to work, beds aren't made   Am-F
Honeymoon's over, bills aren't paid G- Am
What happened to us, do we battle too much ? Am- F
Man loves a woman, it's never enough G- Am

A love that won't be there if money is tight Am- F
I run to the shelter of your own sky G- Am
We sit at the table at the end of the day
A couple of drinks, the pain goes away

I know we're both too tough to cry C- G- Am
No one knows the reason why C- G- E

Love hurts, hurts you inside Am- F
From the day that you're born 'till the day that you die G- Am
Love hurts, the hurts goes away
Hold on to your heart, we'll make it someday
Love hurts_, love hurts _ Am- F- Am- F

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