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You Can't Lose At Love

You can lose at cards, you can lose your keys   D- A
You can lose the house or lose the lease G- D- A
You can lose your car, you can lose the race D- A
You can lose your mind or lose your faith G- D- A
Take a look around, and hear what I've gotta say Bm- A
You can lose at love G- A- D

No you can't lose at love G- A- D
You can't lose at love Em- F#m- D
Chose anything you can dream of G- A- Bm
No, you can lose at love G- A- D

Now we just might roll a seven, these ain't loaded dice G- D
We'll never get to heaven from this driveaway tonight A- D
You've heard a million promises that's never come true G- D
Baby, I'm telling you we're due Em

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