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Ain't No Cure for Love

Ain't no cure for love   A
Ain't no cure for love
There ain't no cure for love
Ain't no cure ( G- D )

Cupid was a blind man, he must have missed his mark A
Shot an arrow in the air and hit me in the heart
I went to see Saint Valentine, said " what's come over me ? "
Daddy must have missed the chapter about the birds and bees
You can be the king of diamonds you can cash in all your gold B
You could hire Johnnie Cochran, it's too late to save your soul D

Don't need no shot, no ambulance E
Don't need precription drugs G
There ain't no cure for love A- E
They can find the cure for the common gold E
When the pushing comes to shove G
There ain't no cure for love A- E- A

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