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Album: Bon Jovi

Love Lies

Intro : F#m- G#m7- C#m- F#m

I was lost, then I found you F#m- G#m7
I never thought it would be this way C#m- F#m- ( C#m- E)
Showed you my heart;I left it unguarded
Like a thief in the night, you stole it away

Now you're gone ( F#m- E- )- F#m-E-( D- E)
The pain goes on and on D- E
I still hear you whispering at me F#m- E- F#m- E
Through the shadows of the night D- E- D

Love lies E- F#m
You're just another victim of the headlines E- D
You're running on into a cold night C#4- C#
You're just a number to the love lies E- F#m

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