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Album: Destination Anywhere

Learning How To Fall

Learning How To Fall 
fabian carreņo

(D) I was walking on a (G)wire
(D) Looking down, there was (G)no net
(D)Now, I'm standing at (G) your door
(D)Me and my last ciga(G)rette

(D) (G)

(D) Yeah we've been through this (G) before
(D) Too late to cover up my (G) tracks
(D) Damn the fool who begs for (G) more
(D) I'll take my past and (G) paint it black

(A) Now the circus has (G) left town
This(F#) clown has got to get his feet back on the (G) ground

I'm learning how to (D) fall
(G) Learning how to take a (D) hit
(G) Had to walk before I (Bm) crawled
It was winner take it (G) all
Now I'm learning how to(D) fall
(G) Yeah, I got the hang of (D) it

(D) I was standing in the (G) light
(D) There were faces all (G) around
(D) I put my gloves up for a (G) fight
(D) One sucker punch and I was (G) down

(repeat Chorus)

(A) I was flying through the (G) clouds
(F#) Pucker up, it's time to kiss the (G) ground

(repeat Chorus)

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