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Album: Keep the Faith

I Believe

Intro D | G (4x)Verse 1D                                                   G
All I know is what I've been sold you can read my life like a fortune told
I've seen the dream, there's no land of Oz but I got my brain and I got a heart
bm G A D G
And courage build I won't let go what we need right now is ......soulVerse 2
I can't do this, you can't do that they feed us lines but I won't act
And all good things will come to pass but the truth is all you have to haveA
And would you lie for it? Cry for it? Die for it? Would youChorus 1
D A G D A GI believe, I believe
bm G A G
With every breath that I breath you and me can turn a whisper to a scream
D A G DI believe, I believeVerse 3 (like Verse 2)
You gave it all, then you gave more, you know what you came here for
You'll pay the cost, like it's your cross to bear, are we the ones that put it there
Would you scheme for it, scream for it, bleed for it, would youChorus 2
I believe, I believe
Believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight
I believe, I believeSolo B | G | E | A (2x)Bridge
Don't look up on your movie screens, in record stores or magazines
Close your eyes and you will see, that you are all you really needChorus 1
Intro (to fade)Transcribed by Matthias Kiess,, December 1995
Any additions, correction, tips, trick, licks... are welcome.
Matthias Kiess * And in the end,
Ruebezahlweg 77 * the love you take,
70567 Stuttgart * is equal to the love you make.
Germany * - The Beatles -
Tel(priv): +49/0711/714178 * - Abbey Road -
Tel(buro): +49/0711/970-1836 * - 1969 -
e-mail: *

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