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Album: Keep the Faith

Dry County

First part of the guitar solo
Transcribed by Tiago V. Gualberto




[5:03] [5:13]

h-hammer on
p-pull off
r-release bend
(x)-these notes are not actually played


Transcribed by Steve Shulman - Johannesburg, South Africa.
Please Note: This transcription was done by ear only -
some of these chords may be way off.
Intro: Dm C Am Bb Dm C Am Gm/BbDm C
Across the border they turnAm GWater into wineDm C
Some say it's the devil's blood G Dm
They're squeezing from the vineDm CSome say it's a saviour
Am BbIn these hard and desperate times
Dm CFor me it helps me to forget
G Dm C Am Bb That we're just born... to die
Dm CI came here like so many did Am Bb
To find the better life Dm CTo find my piece of easy street
G DmTo finally be alive Dm C
I knew nothing good comes easy Am G
All good things take some time Dm CI made my bed I'll lie in it
G DmTo die in it's the crimeFYou can't help but prosper
Gm/BbWhere the streets are paved with gold C
they say the oil wells ran depper here Bb/DThan anybody's known F
Now I packed up on my wife and kid Gm/BbAnd left them back at home
CNow there's nothing in this paydirt BbThe ghosts are all I know
DmNow the oil's gone Dm/CAnd the money's gone Dm/G
All the jobs are gone Bb Cstill we're hangin' on down inF
Dry county CThey're swimming in the sand Bb
Praying for some holy water Gm Bb
to wash the sins from off our hands inFDry county CThe promise has run dryBb
Where nobody cries Bb Dm C Am Bb
And no one's getting out of here alive Dm C
In the blessed name of Jesus Am BbI heard a preacher say
Dm CThat we are all God's children G Dm
And that he'd be back, back someday Dm C
And I hoped that he knew something Am Bb
As he drank his cup of wine Dm C
Didn't have too good a feeling G DmAs I head out to the night
FI cursed the sky to open Gm/BbI begged the clouds for rain C
I prayed to God for water Bb/DFor this burning in my viens F
It was like my soul's on fire Gm/BbAnd I had to watch the flames C
All my dreams went up in ashes BbAnd my future blew away Dm
Now the oil's gone Dm/CAnd the money's gone Dm/GAll the jobs are gone
Bb CStill we carry on down inF Dry county C
They're swimming in the sand BbPraying for some holy water
Gm Bbto wash the sins from off our hands inFDry county C
The promise has run dryBbWhere nobody criesBb F
And no one's getting out of here alive(Guitar Solo) Dm C
Men spend thier whole lives waiting Am Bb
Praying for some big reward DmIt seems sometimes C G
The payoff leaves you feeling DmLike a dirty whore Dm C
If I could choose the way I'll die Am Bb
Make it by the gun or knife Dm C
'Cause the other way there's too much painGNight after night after night
F Down in Dry county CThey're swimming in the sand Bb
Praying for some holy water Gm Bb
to wash the sins from off our hands inFDry county CThe promise has run dryBb
Where nobody criesBb Dm C Am Bb
And no one's getting out of here alive
Any feedback / corrections are welcomed.Steve Shulman Johannesburg, South Africa

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