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Album: Keep the Faith

Woman In Love

   Call it social commentary or just what my eys see   B
Seems that there's more pretty woman than there are fish in the sea
Oh oh oh oh, woman in love A- B

I want some silks stocking E
Smooth talking lipsticks and pearls
I want a woman more than a girl B
Need some lip locking, cool walking E
Diamonds and pearls
I'll wrap 'em all up, and give them the world F#

There ain't no woman like a woman in love B- A
Ain't nothing she can rise above E- F#
She can part the water when the seas get rough B- A
But there ain't no woman like a woman, woman in love E- F# - B

Oh yeah, oh yeah G- D
Oh yeah A- ( F# )

...that there ain't no woman like a woman in love F# - G

Chorus : C- Bb- F- G...

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