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Treat Her Right ( Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey)
J.Byers ; (lyrics below are the ones actually sung by Bon Jovi)

I want to tell you a story, that every man ought to know.
If you want a little lovin', you got to start real slow.
And if you get love tonight, you gotta treat her right.
Aw you got to sqeeze her, to make her feel good.
Tell her that you love her, just like you knew you should
. Cause if you don't treat her right, she won't love you tonight.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (X3)

If you practice my method, just as hard as you can,
You're going to get a reputation, as a good lovin' man.
And you'll be glad every night, that you treated her right.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (X3)
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (X3)

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