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The Sole Truth

You know I need you baby
Yeah, you know I do
Feel like youíve been left alone
And thereís nothing here for you
I know how long youíve been waiting
Itís closing time once again
If he donít even come around to rescue you, what then?
But who am I to talk?
Cause my guitarís my only friend
And if youíd like Iíll drive you home
Pour you a drink and weíll pretend
But you and I are both married
Bought that big house and car
Remember living on easy street
Instead of being where we are
And trying to face the sole truth

You canít escape the sole truth
And if you just believe me, thatís all thatís left to do
Thereís nothing more that I can do
Than face the sole truth

Say this guy is lying every time it rains
Every drop of rain that falls, you just feel your pain
Itís time you stopped all the crying
Itís time we bury the past
I know that you can do better than me
And maybe thatís why I hurt

Well lately Iíve been thinking
Maybe Iím too young
Remember keep on going baby
Thereís just one thing I canít run from
Youíre still bringing me here, baby
To this place we call home
To face our failures all by myself
At least we wonít be alone

Thereís the sole truth
Canít erase the sole truth
If you just believe me, thatís all thatís left to do
Nothing more that I can do
Face the sole truth

I donít want to fall in love again
If you got to know the truth
Then I donít want to fall in love tonight
Cause I couldnít bear to lose
Now the sun is coming up
Why donít we shut this damn place down
Tomorrow we can laugh this off
Iíve had my share of whiskey here to drown
As you walk to your car thereís nothing more I can do

Face to face with the sole truth
Canít escape the sole truth
You canít erase the sole truth
Canít escape the sole truth

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