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Living in Sin (Additional Lyrics)
As performed in Chile, 1990

Are they telling you the truth?
Tell me its a lie
Say it isnt true
Baby tell em its a lie
What they say, what they do
When they talk about me
Now theyre talking about you
Tell em its love you want
Tell em its love you want
Tell em what I need to know
That I aint living in sin
.(Released lyrics)
I want to know
And I know
That it aint over baby
Cause Ive been walking that line just a, just a little bit too long
Trying to find the truth
Trying to face myself in the mirror
Trying to figure out if Im a man
But sometime I gotta pay that price
But if I could win your heart for it
You know Id pay it
Id pay it a hundred times over
Id eat all the dirt
Id eat all the dirt
Id eat all the dirt they want
If youd just tell me
Can you tell me?

Tell me right from wrong
Tell me right from wrong
And no one else could say it baby
That this time will be the last time
When I walk down that line

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