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Bon Joviís new album a tale of growth 15 October 2005
Group tries nontraditional songs on new release

Source: MSNBC

NEW YORK - Jon Bon Jovi is laughing, really laughing.

The lead singer has just found out that the Bon Jovi fan Web site has put up, a place for fans to show off their sometimes off-the-wall uses of the not-so-happy smiley face that adorns their new album, ďHave A Nice Day.Ē And Bon Jovi canít get over the fact that somebody has tattooed their arm with the album cover.

AP: Are you surprised fans would go to this length?

Bon Jovi: I knew that when we created the logo this is what it could be. This is bigger than the album cover. I think it says a lot. Itís not the Kool-Aid man and it ainít a smiley face. Heís got a definite 2005 attitude. Heís a little more knowledgeable than the yellow smiley face of the í70s that was about peace, love and letís have fun.

AP: So is íHave A Nice Dayí a kiss-off song?

Bon Jovi: Itís a social commentary, thatís for sure. If you take íHave A Nice Dayí for its literal translation, you would think it was a cheery, wonderful, insert-happy-music-here song. I think itís a little wry, a little more ironic.

AP: How so?

Bon Jovi: The song was inspired by the polarization that I witnessed in our country last fall with what was happening with the election and the war. I couldnít believe I was witnessing what was happening in this country. There was a serious dividing line that was breaking up friendships, and having brothers fighting with brothers and spouses fighting with spouses. But in what I was witnessing, I realized you couldnít be a sore loser and you couldnít be a sore winner. From Nov. 3 on, we need to come together as a country. Forget about being red and blue. It was about being purple. Everybody has to make a series of compromises in order to move on. Ultimately, I was trying to write a record of inclusion. My íHave A Nice Dayí was to say donít judge me. ...It just says Iím simply going to live my life.


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