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Bon Jovi Popularity Soars 16 October 2005
In Germany

Source: Deutsche Welle

Bon Jovi's new album "Have A Nice Day" begins a second week at the top of Billboard's European Top 100 Albums chart, after securing a second week at No. 1 in Germany.

As the Superman tattoo emblazoned across his left shoulder would indicate, Jon Bon Jovi's musical career seems to know no bounds. Not only has the band been one of America's most successful, longest running acts, but the ever-rising popularity of the band outside of the states, particularly in Europe, has elevated the group into a select group of truly global acts.

One market in particular that seemingly can't get enough of Jon Bon Jovi is Germany. After a three-year break, the group recently announced a spring tour that will see them performing next May in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Koblenz, Stuttgart, Munich and at the Hessentag in Kassel.

Bon Jovi's International Push

So how did it happen? I mean when one examines the width and breadth of pop-metal--how is it that Bon Jovi remained the only band left standing after the purges of the mid-nineties that saw the end of Van Halen, Poison, Guns and Roses, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard?

Part of the equation might be equal parts luck and serendipity. After years of relentless touring the band took a 5 year recording hiatus between 1995 and 2000--a time when 1980's style arena rock dramatically fell from fashion.

Much to the music industry's surprise, when the reinvigorated Bon Jovi emerged in 2000 with "Crush," it appealed to a new generation of fans, especially abroad.

"We built a fan base around the world that a lot of American bands didn't take that time to do," said John Bon Jovi in 2001 interview. "In our case, when the lean years came in the States, we were always able to go to Europe or Asia, South America or Australia."


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