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Bon Jovi at Festival Bar in Lignano, July 7/8 27 August 2000
A fan review, a bit late but still worth reading

Source: Tatjana (

It was 2nd day of shootin of a popular Italian show in Lignano. On the first day, Friday, there were a lot of famous artists who top the charts all over Italy.

Some came to see Aqua, others had hots for Nek and Italian group Lunapop, my reason was nothing particular, only to see the show. Until I saw a big leaflet in bold capital print saying "Saturday: BON JOVI" That's when my heart start going wild. I didn't have the finest idea that they might be there.

Anyway, Saturday - the big day came when I will see my idols for the first time live on stage came . And so did rain. That day, just when the show was about to begin, rain started pouring down, accompanied by wind. Everyone whose reason was to see Bon Jovi (majority of the Saturday's audience) was astonished with a look in the eye: "Will the show go on, will they be performing today, tomorrow?"

So running for shelter from the rain most of people left, because they were soaked wet and cold. Even I left with a hard heart to a hotel to get some dry clothes and pick up thing I left earlier. All of a sudden, there was an announcement saying who will be performing that evening. Bon Jovi. Those 2 words were all I needed to hear.

Running back to Arena, despite the rain, people in charge of the show decided that the show must go on. Getting seats up the tribunes was still better than nothing.

An hour after the show started kings of hearts, masters of show and entertainment, gods of rock, came on stage. Anyone who saw them live for the first, second or the 15th time knows the felling you get when the band you've been idolizing and followed their music career, feels like. A.m.a.z.i.n.g.

They played hit from "Crush" album "It's My Life" twice, because it was a shooting for 3 shows. In those minutes of performance I made a total of 50 pics. Unfortunately they are not as good as good as they could've been if I was in parter.
At that point nothing mattered - the rain in, distance from the stage, wind, being soaked wet, all the umbrellas. Having them on stage and knowing they're on tour with a new album out, they once again proved that they are indeed worth of waiting and that they are performing with heart.

After they played their song and a couple of words for the audience from Jon, they left the stage. In following minutes a good deal of people left, proving that those are true Bon Jovi fans who paid good money to see them for only a couple of minutes. now those are loyal fans and the group didn't leave us down.


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