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Bona fide Bon Jovi 24 February 2006
Rocky Mountain News article

Source: Rocky Mountain News

They've sold tens of millions of albums around the world. They pack arenas in the states, stadiums overseas. They've got 22 years of career behind them.
So why do the members of Bon Jovi still sound so defensive?

In a conference call with reporters (long before tales of Richie Sambora's pending divorce from Heather Locklear hit the news), guitarist Sambora and keyboard player David Bryan spent much of the interview pointing to album sales, longevity, concert attendance and insisting that the New Jersey band didn't, in Sambora's word, "suck."

Touring on the new album Have a Nice Day, Bon Jovi plays the Pepsi Center on Thursday night.

The band has had a string of hits since the '80s, including Wanted: Dead or Alive and You Give Love a Bad Name. Starting off as a hair-metal band, Bon Jovi later embraced its New Jersey roots made hip by Bruce Springsteen. Tickets for Thursday's show are selling well, but despite hit singles and albums, the band has had a lower profile in the States in the past decade than it previously enjoyed.

"We were productive in the '90s. It just was the music scene then was just grunge," Bryan says. "We never really lost our following and we never really became a grunge band. We became what we were . . . we just kept evolving what we were into a better us."

Meanwhile the band only got bigger overseas, headlining stadiums.


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