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Bon Jovi keeps it simple, and that's how fans like it 8 March 2006
LA Times article

Source: LA Times

In 500 years, all modes of transportation as we know them will be extinct, travel and communication will take place at the speed of thought, and food will be a thing of the past because we'll have figured out how to absorb nutrients directly at the cellular level.

Yet you can bet that somewhere in the universe there will still be an anti-grav stage floating in a futuristic arena where long-haired guys in leather will be strumming power chords and wheedling electric guitar solos for throngs of fist-pumping humanoids pretty much the way Bon Jovi did Friday at a packed Staples Center.

There were times when the scene played out like something trapped in a time bubble, uncontaminated by seismic shifts in the pop landscape since the strikingly handsome Jon Bon Jovi, now 44, and his New Joisey bandmates came on the scene in the early '80s.

But the group, enjoying a second wind from its career-rejuvenating "Have a Nice Day" album, made its case for tuneful arena rock that rarely loses sight of journeyman craftsmanship.


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