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Bon Jovi ventures down country road 25 June 2007
Houston Chronicle review

Source: Houston Chronicle

Bon Jovi hangs its heartland hopes on Lost Highway, but the long-awaited country disc isn't as twangy as was first advertised. Rather, singer Jon Bon Jovi has dubbed the collection country-influenced, perhaps in an attempt to please both sides of the tracks. Think of it as wide-open arena rock.

Jon and his posse would have done better to truly dig their boots into more traditional country material and see what sticks. But that would've required a real leap of faith. Michelle Branch, by comparison, managed a more convincing rural reinvention with the Wreckers.

Still, Lost Highway has moments of modest charm, including the top-down title track. Wistful love song Seat Next to You features glowing backup vocals from songwriter Hillary Lindsey, and One Step Closer manages to keep the fist-pumping in check.


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