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If this is Bon Jovi’s last CD, “Lost Highway” was a good route to travel 21 July 2007
The Kansas City Star article

Source: The Kansas City Star

Bon Jovi’s “finally found his way” and “sayin’ good bye to yesterday” on his latest album, “Lost Highway.”

The songs send a message of hope for the future that is awe-inspiring for all sorts of audiences: the youths, the youth adults, the middle-aged and even elderly.

The overall lack of profanity and typically mellow and soothing beats draw in a wide variety of listeners who can relate to many of Bon Jovi’s newest hits.

Bon Jovi’s single “Lost Highway” is upbeat with quotable lyrics that tell a story of how he’s finally found his way on “this lost highway” that is known as life.

Jon Bon Jovi’s now strumming his guitar to a hit similar to “It’s My Life” in the song “Summertime.” which fits perfectly into the release of the album (which came out in June).

In “(You Want to) Make a Memory,” Bon Jovi reminisces on things everyone can relate to (old friendships, old significant others, etc.), making it a soon-to-be hit on mainstream radio and certainly a favorite for any listener in this album packed with heartfelt songs.


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