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Jon Bon Jovi: Old School Gamer? 15 August 2007
VH1 Game Break article

Source: VH1 Game Break

Early last night at the ESPN Zone in crazy Times Square, Game Break was the only game-oriented journo allowed to have a brief chat with rock 'n roll legend Jon Bon Jovi. The occasion was an over-crowded hoo-hah for the Arena Football League and the new Electronic Arts game "Arena Football: The Road To Glory," and Jon is an enthusiastic owner of the Philadelphia Soul football team. Now, Helen, the Jersey tomato who took the photo of bald me and coiffed Jon, astonished the rocker by saying she saw Jon at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch back around 1984. I mentioned Bon Jovi in Esquire around that time, too (I got into music writing at a young age -- before video games seduced me). Comfy with us old-ish-ass fans, Jon answered a few questions for Game Break:

GB: Say someone doesn't know Arena Football. How would you explain it?

JBJ: It's accessible. It's affordable. It's high scoring, a lot of fun. It's indoor football played by great athletes. I would recommend it as a great night out with either your buddies or your family.

GB: Do you ever get in there and play with the team?

JBJ: I'm a little too old and too smart to get in there and play with them. But I've owned the team now for four years. And I think that our guys are fabulous role models for community as well as great athletes. These guys are going to the NFL or are from the NFL so the quality of this game is really pretty special.

GB: What games do you play?

JBJ: I'm not a gamer.

GB: Not even back in the day when you were playing the bars?

JBJ: I played a little Pong. And pinball. I liked pinball.


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