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Richie Sambora Talks Tough Times & How He's Coping 16 February 2008
Access Hollywood article

Source: Access Hollywood

on Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear were married 11 years before their high-profile divorce. That was just the first of many personal crises to hit Richie. In his first interview in two years, Richie told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts about what a tough time things have been for the rocker and how he is coping.

"I felt like I was at that bottom and there was really nowhere else to go so it was all up from there," Richie told Tony.

Among the crises Richie has weathered are his split from Heather in 2007, the breakup of his relationship with Heather’s former best friend, Denise Richards and the death of his father from cancer last April.

The three severe emotional hits drove Richie to alcohol dependency and to entering rehab twice last year.

"How are you doing with everything you've been through?" Tony asked.

"Fantastic. I'm healthy and happy," Richie said. "Learning about all those different things psychologically — about grief and my own addictions and problems and stuff like that, and really getting an education on it, I think it was part of the process of it, learning about it and trying to lick it."

Richie said the loss of his father was the toughest of the three.


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