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Bon Jovi's making memories 3 April 2008
San Jose Mercury News article

Source: San Jose Mercury News

When Bon Jovi went to Nashville to work on its latest album - looking to build on its surprise No. 1 country hit, "Who Says You Can't Go Home" - its songwriting team was ready for anything.

"Jon and I showed up with a blank pad and a pen, and we didn't know what was going to go down," says guitarist Richie Sambora, referring to lead singer Jon Bon Jovi. "It was like, OK, what is a Bon Jovi pseudo-country record supposed to sound like? We had no idea."

But like so many things this band has touched over the past 25 years, everything turned to platinum; the country-tinged album - with guest appearances by Nashville stars Big & Rich and Leann Rimes - went straight to No. 1.

And despite Sambora's arrest last week on a DUI charge, the "Lost Highway" tour is slated to hit San Jose's HP Pavilion for two shows, Wednesday and next Tuesday.

When he called from a tour stop in Chicago a few weeks ago, Sambora said it was only coincidence that the band's venture into country corresponded with events that, in Jerry Lee Lewis' words, would make a damn good country song: Sambora split with his wife of nine years, actress Heather Locklear, then briefly moved into the arms of her good friend Denise Richards. Meanwhile, his father was dying of cancer, and Richie was battling a drinking problem that would land him in rehab.

"The things that happened to me - going through divorce and custody and rehab, and my dad passing . . . it happens to everyone," he said. "Just because you're in the music business and a rock 'n' roll star doesn't make you exempt from any of those things."


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