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Thank goodness for the sun as rockers fail to pack a punch 9 June 2008
Irish Independent article

Source: Irish Independent

PUNCHESTOWN seems like a slightly odd choice of venue for Bon Jovi, given that it isn't exactly a transport hub, it's not the easiest of places to get to for the vast majority of punters and really isn't all that special as a venue to merit such an awkward location.

But hey, what's a little bus journey among fans?

The fantastic weather upon arrival puts any such travel gripes quickly to rest, and the sense of anticipation snowballs once Razorlight have finished (or more appropriately, once they've shut up), ahead of the New Jersey rockers' arrival on stage.

'You Give Love A Bad Name' is the early hit to get things flying. The sound is relatively poor -- admittedly a given for outdoor gigs -- but there's enough energy both from the crowd and from the stage to paint over any cracks.

While Bon Jovi's material may be repetitive at best and boring at worst, the superb crowd continues to carry the gig.

But it's almost a little too predictable. The upbeat tracks see people jump about wildly ('It's My Life', 'Livin' on a Prayer'), while the slow tracks see them sway slowly ('Bed of Roses').

In the absence of anything to break up the monotony -- save for an unexpected but brief medley of 'Mercy', by Duffy, and 'Start Me Up' by the Rolling Stones -- the gig soon becomes a fairly average affair.


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