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Richie Sambora talks Bon Jovi, guitars and Lost Highway 24 December 2008 interview


It's a snowy 20 degrees fahrenheit in the town of Woodbridge, New Jersey, where Richie Sambora grew up. But the Bon Jovi guitarist is kicking back in California, where Christmas means sunshine and temperatures hovering near 80.

"The Garden State will never leave me" says Sambora. "But hey, to be hanging out in the sun at this time of year - c'mon, brother, tell me I'm not the luckiest guy alive."

Sambora uses the word 'lucky' often, but then he'll quickly substitute 'fortunate.' It's a safeguard of sorts, a way of reminding himself that his success (and it's massive, too; we're talking 120 Bon Jovi million albums sold worldwide) isn't akin to some guy scratching numbers on a lottery card; it's more the result of, as he puts it, "wishing, wanting and working."

Since he hooked up with John Francis Bongiovi, Jr in 1983, Sambora hasn't been afraid to put in a full day's work, whether it's getting his fingers dirty on the neck of his guitar or burying his head in his hands and trying to conjure up the right title, lyrics or vibe to a catalog of songs that have become increasingly introspective but, surprisingly, more popular than ever.


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